Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today I am looking out my kitchen window at the rainy and grey ugly November sky, there is a squirrel furiously digging and the last of the fallen leaves soggy and sad.. we all know that the dark months are on the way. It is a time for contemplation, doing more of what works, less of the stuff that doesn't. I am working on a redo of my whole website, also working with a beautiful model, doing paint study after study. Attending life drawing, teaching a little bit.

I have always known that I would never get to the end of this journey. For me, learning to paint runs parallel to learning to live. And when ever I think that I have it, that I get it, that am even getting good at it, I am challenged again. I wont give up. Especially because there is so much joy in the work.

Anyway, my sweet husband has this painting in his office, so he made this for me. That is not really his office wall or lighting, it is all faked. He does beautiful work! Now I just need to finish that new website!

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