Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Ah the city! Summer in the city is so hard to resist. The people, the water, the flowers and the food. Last week Norma and I went it to see the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I have not been there in years- because the last time that I went, there was one giant area that was just filled with garbage.

OK, ok ok... I know, it is art. At least the owner of a MFA can probably find a way to explain why, I am sure. But to me, that whole room full of actual garbage was nothing but a room full of garbage. The emperors new clothes. A huge scam. Masturbation. And worse- using valuable space that could have been given to an artist.

Like the crowds in the story about the emperor- everyone can see that it is just a room full of garbage, (or an empty canvas or a piece of found junk) But the art speak is tossed around just so that folks are afraid to question. Everyone says that they see the beautiful kingly robes- out of fear of looking stupid. I will allow that it is quite possible that I will one day "get it" and read these words and feel shame. I will let you know if that happens. ( I change my mind all the time about everything :-)

This time I didn't see any garbage at the MCA. In fact, I saw much to like. I really enjoyed the Koons show- despite the fact that it was a VERY inappropriate place to take my teen aged daughter! I am much more liberal about such things than most folks are, but giant pictures of penetration closeups (the artist and his former porn star wife) are a little more than I want to show her, (thankfully it was behind a wall- though still visible from the main gallery). I loved Koon's sculptures and I loved his humor. His colors are amazing and he has balls. ( I saw them :-)

Koons, Hirst, Freud, Richter and Close, are Rock Stars. They are all artists of their own time- I like that.

Meanwhile, as the Art Institute expands into their new modern wing- the last few weeks have been exciting. I have been to AI twice so far this month, and both times found old friends, back from long years in storage. The best part of the new modern wing will be the space that they free up in the old side. Because just like punk rock had to back to Rock's beginnings- to not be influenced by the 70s- I prefer to skip the teachings of Joan Mitchel, (not to be confused with Joni) and go back to our beginnings.

Representing Reality has a few more weeks to hang- so come on in if you have not seen it yet. Call me and I would love to join you.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Working Out

These days you will fine me riding my bike to the studio- and working out a bit when I get there. Have a little 3 times a week class where we are learning kung-fu- mixing it up with some other fighting arts in my studio.

Sketching cows and sipping ice coffee are sure signs that summer is really finally here.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lazy "Daze" of Summer.

The show is hanging nicely and my very wonderful house guests have gone home. School is out for the summer, Hillary has conceded and I have a nice little painting of pinwheels on the easel. Life is good.

It really is important to look for the good in life. I ran into some people in the world yesterday- really selfish and rude. The kind of insensitive people who make life unpleasant. Knowing that there are people like that in the world makes it easy to look forward to death.

So today, optimistic about the long warm days ahead, I plopped some shiny pinwheels in a vase- because pinwheels, like flowers and balloons, can be temporary and a little bit fragile. Like joy- like life.

Love, Lori

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Representing Reality 08

Here is a little video of the Sage Gallery, where I have my work in the show- Representing Reality 08.

The four artists from around the country are Jeff Gola, Lori Kiergaard, Leslie Sealey and Beverly Ferguson.