Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back and better.

Rick and I got home from our vacation the other day to a quiet house. Our trip was fantastic, we went to Burning Man again, for the second and last time. It is a wonderful adventure that I recommend for almost everyone, especially if you love Art. As a painter, sometimes I think that I understand Art at least enough to solidify a few opinions about it. Going to a place like Burning Man will shake up your ideas, cause you to reconsider what you might think that you know. Art is everywhere in this temporary city where creativity is not only encouraged, but expected. You will find someone's creation in every place you look. From the costumes, the cars, the AMAZING sculptures and even poems and pictures in the porta potties. It is the creative living that I find the most inspiring- reminding me of when I was young and refused to live by society's rules. We took lots of pictures of the sights, but it is not easy to document the actual experience. I somehow remembered to take this picture:
I am inspired with new ideas about beauty, changed and ready to get back to work. We drove and took the airstream, (like a turtle, we carried our house with us) and stopped at several state and national parks on the way there and back. Floated in the Great Salt Lake, camped at Yellowstone, saw Rushmore and the Badlands. Can hardly wait for our next trip!

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