Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Reflections

I miss my blog- and my studio, and I promise to be back soon.

It is that time of year when the family has grabbed my attention. With a son home from college and a daughter making a long awaited visit home. There has been time with my brother's widow, and a trip to Florida to rescue his airstream from the swamp. And there is another death on the horizon as my Father-in-Law is living out his last few days of fighting with cancer. So much going on that it is hard to get to the studio.

I have been attending a sculpture class- so at least there is a little bit of creation going on.

Stop by the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park to see the lobby where my new paintings will be hanging for the month of August- and I will be sure to be back in the studio before too long.

Love, Lori


georgia b. said...

hi, Lori.

i was at the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park yesterday to have a tour of the rooms in the dole mansion for a possible photo shoot. I forget the name of the lovely girl who showed us around, but she also took us to see the studios and told us a little about you. we {my friend/client} and i were in awe of your paintings in the lobby. they are so beautiful and absolutely drew me in. i have an art and design blog that i like to write about artists on and show their work. would it be okay if i did a post about your work and used a few photos from you web site? this would be on my Jorjah-B blog. i really think my readers would like your work.


Lori Kiergaard said...

Hi Georgia,

Thank you for your kind words! I am sorry that I missed you, I am working from home today.

Absolutely, you may write an article about my work and use the pictures. If you click on the pictures on my website, you can get a higher resolution better look. You can reach me via email at lori at

Looking forward to it.