Friday, June 12, 2009


We were lucky enough to have a robin's nest right out side our kitchen window this year. Delighted that we could enjoy our coffee and watch the good parents raise their family. I had no idea that the father robin was so involved- and this dad was a great one, chasing off the squirrels and the sparrows. standing nervously near the eggs so mom could run off for a moment. And feeding the kids giant june bugs and worms. So much fun to watch. This is our baby robin- he fell out of his nest a few days before they were ready to fly away so Norma picked him up and put him in a hanging planter placed a little under the nest, (there was no room IN the nest) and she hand fed him worms for a couple of days. We were standing there watching when "Albert" finally flew away. This picture was taken a few minutes after his first flight.

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