Friday, November 16, 2007

New England Adventure

Am back from Boston- got back Tuesday. Wow, what a long drive- 17 hours just a little too long to make in one day alone.

The show was nice, New England was gorgeous and the Barn was quaint. Only sold 3 pieces, but my work was very well received- I was honored to be invited. It was slow for all of the artists there this year. I suspect that it is the housing market and the price of gasoline. Not to mention that in that part of the country, most homes are heated with fuel oil, which is more expensive than it has ever been.

I stayed with friends while I was there, which was great. Really getting some time to sit down and talk- and hug in the real world. :-)

I even met someone on the way home, and he gave me a little something to remind me of the trip- a souvenir . I am adding his picture too.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your sales!
I'm glad it went well.

I can imagine the cost
of gas to drive out there

So, your new friend...he
didn't even let you off with
a tourists warning????

~ mai-ling

Anonymous said...

Lori, Lori.........I don't think that I want to met your new friend any time soon.......and yes, congrats are due on your sales!!!!!!!!!...What a wonderful opportunity to show your work and a great experience, too......except for that little souvenir.....Didi

Lori Kiergaard said...

Thanks Mai-ling and Didi, my car does get good gas mileage, thankfully.

Yes, a warning would have been nice, but alas...maybe I should have turned on my charm..I was so road weary that I just handed him my license:-)