Sunday, November 18, 2007

And on the seventh day we get to rest...

Sunday after noon in the fall. Rick is out raking up the last of the leaves, I have a delicious pot roast cooking on top of the stove. I have evolved to adding a bottle of red wine to my old pot roast recipe, so it really smells good here today.

I am about to hit the garage and prime up some panels with the Studio Products Lead primer. It really is my favorite surface to paint on - a nice panel with linen fixed with rabbit-skin glue and then the lead primer. I love the way that the brush glides on that surface. It is not the only surface that I use. Sometimes I use gesso, not acrylic gesso, but rabbit-skin glue and marble dust gesso. And sometimes I paint on linen that has been fixed with rabbit-skin glue and then shellac , which leaves the warm fabric color showing through. The rabbits always suffer (actually it is a byproduct from other industries, so please do not think that the rabbits are dying for art).

Not sure if I ever mentioned that I am listed on Saatchi. You can see that here. Take a look, it was fun to do. I love looking around at Saatchi at all the artists around the world who show there. There are so many artists every where that you look - Isnt't that wonderful!

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