Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Driving to Boston!

I will be heading to the Boston area in a few weeks to try and sell some paintings, and make some contacts in the community. You can read about the show on the Got-Art website.

The curator for the event came all the way to my studio this summer, to scout my work and invite me to show my work. I love the mission statement of Got-Art, and I have plenty of work to bring. Look for me on November 9th at the Holliston Historical Society. I have already been the artist of the week on their webpage, but sign up for updates. Let them know if you are in the area and thinking of showing up for the show.

Here is what is on my easel today. At the moment, i think it is finished, but it has only been ten minutes, so I may go back into it. It is a crappy glare filed picture, (with the color all off too) but I felt like sharing anyway.
24x24 oil on linen on panel

Thanks for looking in on my blog :-)

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