Thursday, October 4, 2007

Being more Clear about Babel Color

It has come to my attention that my words about babel color have been mis- understood. The reason that I have been playing with bablecolor is because Richard M sent me a link to it last April and insisted that I familiarize myself with it before the upcoming color course. He is the one who told me that it is the key to the book. I have figured out how to use it, and today am really not interested in locating color in that way. I may play with it again, or not.

I am on a journey here. One that is not part of any flame war but a personal journey to learn how to paint. At the moment, I am very interested in learning the many wonders of color. What I wrote last week might have nothing at all to do with what I am learning today. As to the mine field that all this mean spirited posting is causing. I do not understand it and you will not find me participating in it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,

It was great meeting you finally after all this time. I sure enjoy your blogs, and I really learned something from meeting you that day.

I also like the way we feel the same way about many things. Maybe we can talk about forming a coalition that bands artists together that let those outside the artists world understand that we are working for the same reason as anyone else.

~ mai-ling

Lori Kiergaard said...

Hi Francis,

It was great meeting you too! I enjoyed it very much.

Not sure how keen I am about a coalition. My experience with groups is that they tend to bring out the ugly side of people. (not that either of us have an ugly side:-)

But egos and group think that I have seen this year have me very close to become a hermit.

But stop by sometime, we can talk about it.