Saturday, May 31, 2014

Growing Up

I have been many things. A daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, party girl, grandma, teacher.... the list is long. The list for most of us is long. But I have always said that I am a mother like my eyes are the color that they are. It is not what I AM. What I am, the only thing that I have ever known for sure, is a painter.

These days I am in learning mode. Again. A place that I expect to visit now and then to for the rest of my life. It is what I love and hate about being an artist. One minute feeling so sure about my work- the next, recognizing an area that I can improve. I love the learning though, and I am improving.

I have been painting heads with Bill Schneider on Wednesday nights, drawing the figure with the Division Street Drawing group on Thursday nights and teaching beginning painting at The Studio School of Art in McHenry on Mondays (where I learn a lot). I have had models in the studio, both nude and clothed. I took a 7 week life sculpture class and a few workshops since my last posts (has it really been more than a year?!). I am working through Faragasso's figure book and 2 Leffel books right now. Doing daily paint sketches and have completed a few new bar paintings. Last week I went to a 12 hour life drawing marathon at the Palette and Chisel.

Other than a few things on facebook, I haven't been sharing what I am up to because I am feeling shy these days. But if you come by the studio, I will be happy to show you what I am up to.

Much Love, Lori Kiergaard

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