Sunday, March 1, 2009

My poor easels are going to get tired!

I am moving again. Some of you know about my studio travels, some of which are chronicled here on this blog. Almost four years ago I moved from my home studio, (the basement in the winter- breezeway in the summer) to the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park. I started on the third floor, a nice room, but small. 6 months in and the tower opened up- so I took it, with it's walk in closet, private bathroom and beautiful views- it really is the best studio in the building. But 13x13, too small to teach, and I wanted to bring in some workshops. So, after a year in the tower, I moved to the giant studio in the basement- the biggest studio they have.

It was too big so after another year I moved across the hall to the most perfect, clean bright big but not too big studio that is the closest to the front door, and everything about it was great. I loved that studio and planned to stay forever. So what did I do but move home in September. (for many reasons- most of which have been resolved) So I am going back. The space is being prepared- and I will write more when it happens.

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M.A. said...

Best wishes on your forthcoming move, Goldilocks. Bet it'll be the best studio ever!