Thursday, February 28, 2008


Every day someone will stop by my studio and say something like "I really wish that I could paint, I can barely make stick figures." It seems that many people think that either you can or you can not create. But anyone can learn to paint, there is no magic in it.

No one would ever sit their child down at a new piano and expect him to play beautiful music without having many lessons and a lot of practicing. It is the same with painting. There are lessons to organize the practicing. There are rules to learn and learn how to break. Drawing, composition, value and color. Techniques and Methods, materials. It can all be learned, but must be practiced. And like the piano, if you take the lessons and follow through with practice, you can learn to play.

Then somewhere along the line you get to the hard part. Deciding what to paint. And that is something that you need to dig inside for.

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