Monday, December 31, 2007

Good turpentine is good.

Everyone remembers vics vapo rub, but do you know that one of it's main ingredients is turpentine? (it is a part of that good smell). Turpentine can also be found in lipstick and many other everyday products that no one is afraid of.

I use turpentine. Not the crappy kind that comes out of China though. Instead of tapping living trees to make the good stuff- China has been grinding up the whole tree- stumps and all. Then they boil it and do who knows what to it.

"Just imagine what sort of maple syrup you would get if you boiled up roots, branches and leaves."
~ Rob Howard

If you have smelled any of this, it would be understandable to think that turpentine stinks. This bad stuff is really bad for you- and unfortunately it has the same name as the good kind. People read the health warnings about the bad stuff and think that it applies to all of it- it does not.

You are welcome to stop by my studio and smell my good turpentine. Compare it to the the crap that you buy at the hardware store, and too often lately, even at the art supply store. Mine smells so good that I defy anyone to complain- unless they just like complaining.

You can buy some of Studio Products great smelling turpentine here.

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