Thursday, August 9, 2007

breaking some eggs

My friend John stopped by last night with some pigments. He knew that I wanted to play with egg tempera- but did not want to invest in all that I would need just to try something that might not be right for me. Well, I have been playing with it all day and I think that I might be in love. It is too early to plan a wedding or anything like that- but I think it is safe to buy a few brushes :-)


Anonymous said...


Is that the actual pigment in your hand? It looks like the egg yolk itself.

~ mai-ling

Lori Kiergaard said...

Hi Frances,

It is the actual egg yolk. The next step in the process is to pinch and pick the egg yolk up with one hand, then poke it with a pencil over a container, emptying out the yolk-sack.

I had read about that for years, but never done it. And never realized how much fun it would be.

Anonymous said...

That's neat.
I've never tried it.
When I come by, you'll
have to show me.

~ mai-ling