Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An "Art Background"

I have explained many times why I do not publish my resume. Maybe it is because of my familiarity with commercial art, ( my husband's webpage) where demo reels are the only part of a resume that matter. But I do not think that a resume, listing shows and press would make my work any better or worse. I think that my work should speak for itself. Words are not part of my process. And while intent is part of the process. I figure that if I need words to explain my intent for a picture, then I have failed.

If you did see my resume, you would find that it does include press- in New York City even.

Anyway- I found these pictures recently, and thought that they were fun. These are me at my first gallery show. It was a solo show at the Mode Zero Gallery, 1985. Looking at these paintings, it is easy to see why learning is so important. They also prove the value of my summer bonfires.


mai-ling said...

wow...i would love to see more of your earlier work.

learning is definitely important.
if you don't learn to grow, then
you have plateued.

i'm checking out your husbands website too. its soo interesting
to see other artists and they work their magic too.

kiergaard said...

Sorry- I have burned most of it. I have a few- the breakthrough pieces hidden in my attic. But every few years, it is important to have a big fire. My mentor Roberts Howard calls it the "bonfire of the vanities."

It took me a while to come around to the value of burning my old work and failed paintings. But now I am a firm believer in that part of the process.

It not only protects me from embarrassment but getting rid of paintings makes it easier for new paintings to come out of me.

mai-ling. said...

i remember you mentioning the fire.

So you don't even have photos of them?

kiergaard said...

I have a few boxes of slides and some digital pictures.

If I showed them, you would have to promise to still respect me in the morning:-D