Thursday, May 15, 2008

Step 2

I am on day 3 of step two of the nicotine patch- and feeling quite proud of myself!

Many of you know that I have been sucking on the nicotine lozenges since the day that they came out- a switch from the gum that I used for years before that. I quit smoking in the spring of 2000, and have been supplementing my nicotine ever since. I have only been half joking when I would consider starting to smoke to get off of the lozenges- I mean, they were way more addictive than smoking. A person can not smoke anywhere anymore- but a nicotine lozenge? You can have that anywhere you want. Anyway- stepping down- hoping that by July, I will have this monkey off of my back. Yippee for me!

Been working on a great big canvas, and enjoying the crab apple blossoms, bleeding hearts and lilacs.

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